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Imagine grabbing your camera because it is fun. You feel accomplished when you take a photo because it's what you see in your mind's eye and the image does your memories justice. Your photos are noticed and admired and people start coming to you with their questions. You've become an authority. This is the power of our courses. They've been designed to help you achieve greatness, without wasting time on complicated solutions.

Turn your passion into a profession

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It's time to take it pro. Add our Certification Assessment to our Photography Mastery Program and earn your LPC Professional Photographer Certification. Become a well rounded professional who is confident photographing in all situations, and kick start your photography career.

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Learning photography should be simple and fun. We've taken the complexity out of learning and put the fun back in. Here's our promise to you.

  • Simple and logical content

    We've designed courses that are simple, easy to follow and logical. Our courses are based on learning best-practices and have been tested for over 8 years now in hands-on and online environments.

  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

    Don't enjoy one of our courses? We'll give your money back. Want to switch courses? Sure! Why not. Have questions? We have answers. We're here to make your learning journey EASY.

  • Join a community.

    Learning shouldn't end when your course does. We're here to help you with your courses, even when you're done. As an added bonus, you will join a community of photographers who are as passionate about learning as you are.

Because it really works

"Loved the course! I finally understand my camera. The course helped me to improve the quality of the pictures I take. Thank you!" ~Dominik
"We learned so much about our 2 cameras it was amazing. We became more confident taking pictures and more aware of what we were doing. We are still practicing in our home and yard but taking more what I think are better pictures when we go out." ~Dawn
"The practical aspect together with the examples and exercises is what makes this course truly one of the best." ~Helmut

Because choosing is hard

Our promise to you

  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed. You have 14 days to decide. If, in that time, you don't enjoy our course we'll refund you.

  • Simple content that's easy to understand. We've done this a few times before (over 2,800 students), and we promise a course that is easy to follow.

  • Amazing, ongoing support. We're here to help. Ask us anything, and we'll answer. You're about to join a community of instructors and photographers who want to help you succeed.

Don't waste any more time

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