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What our Photography Mastery Program Covers

Take a quick look at the 12 courses that are included in our Photography Mastery Program

  • 01

    Digital I - Beginner Photography

    • Section 1: Welcome

    • Section 2: How to use this training

    • Section 3: Why Use a DSLR?

    • Section 4: Camera Anatomy

    • Section 5: Aperture Part I

    • Section 6: Aperture Part II

    • Section 7: Depth of Field - Blurry Backgrounds

    • Section 8: Choosing Focus Points

    • Section 9: Shutter Speed Priority

    • Section 10: Full Manual Exposure

    • Section 11: ISO Sensitivity - Clear Photos in Dark Places

    • Section 12: White Balance

    • Section 13: Lens Distortion & Compression. Choosing the CORRECT Lens.

    • Section 14: Composition: Rule of Thirds

    • Section 15: Composition: Capturing Details

    • Section 16: Composition: Framing

    • Section 17: Composition: Leading Lines

    • Section 18: Wrapping Up

    • Course Notes: Digital I - Beginner Photography

    • Bonus Download - Action Photography

    • Bonus Download - Children Photography

    • Bonus Download - Pet Photography

    • Bonus Download - Architecture Photography

    • Bonus Download - Capturing Beauty

  • 02

    Digital II - Motion & Light

    • Section 1: Welcome!

    • Section 2: Warm Up

    • Section 3: Understanding Motion

    • Section 4a: Freezing Motion

    • Section 4b: Freezing Motion

    • Section 5: Slower Motion

    • Section 6: Slow Motion

    • Section 7: What is Exposure?

    • Section 8: Understanding Metering

    • Section 9: A Better Way - Underexposing

    • Section 10: A Better Way - Overexposing

    • Section 11: Back Light & Silhouetting

    • Section 12: Front & Side Light

    • Section 13: Back Light & Sun Starring

    • Section 14: Recap on Composition

    • Section 15: Details

    • Section 16: Tilting

    • Section 17: Wrap-Up

    • Course Notes: Digital II - Motion & Light

  • 03

    Digital III - Landscapes & Travel

    • Section 1: Welcome!

    • Section 2: Warm Up

    • Section 3: Depth of Field

    • Section 4a - Lens Selection (Wide)

    • Section 4b - Lens Selection (Zoom)

    • Section 5a: Composition

    • Section 5b: Composition

    • Section 6: Using your tripod

    • Section 7: HDR

    • Section 8: Panoramas

    • Section 9A: Filters

    • Section 9B: Filters

    • Section 10: Wildlife Photography

    • Section 11: Street Photography

    • Section 12: Travel Photography

    • Section 13: Finish

  • 04

    People Photography

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  • 05

    Night Photography

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  • 06

    Lightroom Photo-Editing

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  • 07

    Flash & Indoor Photography

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  • 08

    Lightroom Photo-Editing II

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  • 09

    Macro Photography

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  • 10

    Astro Photography

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  • 11

    Intro to Wedding Photography

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  • 12

    BONUS COURSE: Business Skills for Photographers

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  • 13

    Find It On YOUR Camera Guides

    • Find Your Camera Guides - coming soon

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Hi! I'm Jana - I've been having fun with my camera for over 15 years. I'm Australian, living in Canada now for the past 8 years. Learn Photography Company, and Learn Photography Canada are the brainchildren of myself and my husband, James, and every photo that you see on this site are ours. Why is this important to you? Well, we want to show you what YOU can achieve - with a combination of our courses and you getting out your camera and practicing. We have taught over 2,500 students across Canada in our in person courses, and so far, we've helped over 2,800 students with our Digital I Beginner Photography course online. We've spent 8 years learning how to do our job better, and our courses are continually improving. We truly believe everyone can learn to use their camera like a pro, and we really can't wait to be a part of your journey. Want to learn more about us? Check out our own photography work on Instagram: Hope to see you soon!

Jana Rohen

Owner & Instructor

Meet your teachers

Here are your Instructors

Hi I'm James! I'm the founder of Learn Photography Company, and the dude you'll see talking a lot in these videos. Like my wife, Jana, I've spent 8 years in this company doing what I love. My passion is for travel photography, and we do our best to visit fun new locations (at home and abroad) as much as possible. I truly believe that photography has the power to transform your life. Through photography we had the chance to see the world in a whole new light - and what a world it is. We want to take you on the same journey, and help to expand your appreciation for the world around us. It's time to learn to use your camera like a pro. See you on the other side!

James Lam

Owner & Instructor